iDict - Thesaurus (6 Databases)

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* iDict - English: Moby Thesaurus II (Dictd) [30259 Entries]
* iDict - English: Jargon File (Dictd) [2367 Entries]
* iDict - English: Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms (Dictd) [7117 Entries]
* Chemical Elements (Dictd) [127 Entries]
* iDict - Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing (Dictd) [13452 Entries]
* Text Smiley Signs (Dictd) [101 Entries]

Totally 53423 Entries.
Size: 43MB.

Main features:

- FAST AND CONVENIENT. iDict is based on SQLite3 database, which is the fastest and most reliable way of data storage and querying, and you dont need any internet connection nor any additional downloading.
- ALL THE DICTIONARIES YOU WANT. iDict is primary language oriented, which means when you buy an "English" version, youll get all-languages-to-English and English-to-all-languages dictionaries.
- YOUR OWN LIBRARY. You can pick you favorite dictionaries, and bypass unnecessary results.
- CUSTOMIZABLE PREDICTING. You can customize the way search result predicting will be.
- DATABASE LIST. View databases page by page like books.
- UNLIMITED HISTORY. Auto record all your search history, and you can erase them by a simple touch.
- And MORE! See iDict Quick Series, iDict fDict Series, and iDict Dictd Series for how many dictionaries and entries are inside!